Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance Report On 31-12-2014
Corporate Governance Report On 31-03-2015
Corporate Governance Report On 30-06-2015
Corporate Governance Report On 30-09-2015
Corporate Governance Report On 31-12-2015
Corporate Governance Report On 31-03-2016
Corporate Governance Report On 30-06-2016
Corporate Governance Report On 30-09-2016
Corporate Governance Report On 31-12-2016
Corporate Governance Report On 31-03-2017
Corporate Governance Report On 30-06-2017
Corporate Governance Report On 30-09-2017
Corporate Governance Report On 31-12-2017
Corporate Governance Report On 31-03-2018
Corporate Governance Report On 30-06-2018

Details of Board of Directors

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Composition of Committee of Board of Directors

Financial Results

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Financial Results On 31-12-2014
Financial Results On 31-03-2015
Financial Results On 30-06-2015
Financial Results On 30-09-2015
Financial Results On 31-12-2015
Financial Results On 31-03-2016 (Audited)
Financial Results On 30-06-2016
Financial Results On 30-09-2016
Financial Results On 31-12-2016
Financial Results On 31-03-2017
Financial Results On 30-06-2017
Financial Results On 30-09-2017
Financial Results On 30-12-2017
Financial Results On 31-03-2018
Financial Results On 31-06-2018
BM Outcome 14-11-2018

Investor Contacts

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Investor Contacts (Details of RTA)
Investors Grievance & Query

Latest Updates

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BM Notice 14.11.2018
BM Intimation 14.08.2018
BM Notice 13.02.2018
Book Closure Notice 2017
BM Notice 14.11.2017
BM Notice 14.08.2017
Notice AGM 2016
BM Notice 30.05.2017
BM Notice 14.02.2017
Book Closure Notice 2016
BSE Information Under Regulation 30
BM Notice 14.11.2016
MPL BM Intimation 31.03.2018


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Nomination & Remuneration Policy
Policy On Preservation Of Records And Archival Policy
Related Party Transaction Policy
Vigil Mechanism Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Code - Directors, SMP & Independent Directors
Code of Conduct for Trading by Insiders
Familiarization Programme ID
Policy_ Materiality of Events
Insider Fair Practice Code 2015

Shareholding Pattern

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Shareholding Pattern On 31-12-2014
Shareholding Pattern On 31-03-2015
Shareholding Pattern On 30-06-2015
Shareholding Pattern On 30-09-2015
Shareholding Pattern On 31-12-2015
Shareholding Pattern On 31-03-2016
Shareholding Pattern On 30-06-2016
Shareholding Pattern On 30-09-2016
Shareholding Pattern On 31-12-2016
Shareholding Pattern On 31-03-2017
Shareholding Pattern On 30-06-2017
Shareholding Pattern On 30-09-2017
Shareholding Pattern On 31-12-2017
Shareholding Pattern On 31-03-2018
Shareholding Pattern On 30-06-2018

Annual Reports

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Annual Report 2014-2015
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2016-2017
Annual Report 2017-2018


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Book closure notice 2016
Notice of Candidature Rajeev Moudgil
Notice of Candidature Subhash Chander Seth
Notice of Candidature Savita Sethi
Listing Information
Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Mr. Rajeev Moudgil
Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Mr. S.C. Seth
Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Mrs. Savita Sethi
Scrutinizers Report 30-09-2016
Scrutinizers Report 30-09-2017