Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy

  • To direct company’s CSR programmes, inter alia, towards achieving one or more of the following- enhancing environmental and natural capital; supporting rural development; promoting education; providing preventive health car, providing sanitation and drinking water, creating livelihoods for people, especially those from disadvantaged sections of the society, in rural and urban India; preserving and promoting sports.

  • To develop the required capability and self-reliance of beneficiaries at the grass roots, especially of women, in the belief that these are pre requisites for social and economic development.

  • To engage in affirmative action interventions such as skill building and vocational training, to enhance employability and generate livelihoods for persons from disadvantaged section of society.

  • To pursue CSR programmes primarily in areas that fall within the economic vicinity of the Company’s operations to enable close supervision and ensure maximum development impact.

  • To carry out CSR programmes in relevant local areas to fulfil commitments arising from requests by Government/regulatory authorities and to earmark amount of monies towards, “Enterprise Social Responsibility (ESR)” activities and to spend such monies through ESR/CSR cells of such administrative bodies of the Government and/or directly by way of developmental works in the local areas around which the company operates.

  • To provide equal opportunities to beneficiaries of the company/CSR programmes as vendors or employees on merit.

  • To promote sustainability in partnership with industry associations, like the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) through CII-MISL Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development in order to have a multiplier impact.


Our company, Mideast Integrated Steels Limited (MISL) believes in adding value to the lives of its stakeholders. CSR is more than a matter of statutory compliance; it is intended towards betterment of the society and especially the needy. A CSR committee has been constituted which is headed by one of the Directors of the company, Mr.D.P. Bagchi, Retd, I.A.S. and Ex Chief Secretary of Odisha. The team meets regularly and reviews the activities in progress and plans future programs for implementation.


The efforts under CSR are unique in nature and the company excels in its approach towards CSR which is based on the partnership model; the activities are directed to strengthen the existing systems by complementing the ongoing efforts. The gaps are identified in consultation with the community and other stakeholders, and activities are planned to plug those gaps.

For Mesco, CSR is more than a matter of statutory compliance; it is intended towards betterment of the society and especially the needy.
The efforts under CSR are unique in nature for the following reasons:-

  1. Planning of activities in consultation with the community : The activities are planned and decided in consultation with the community and beneficiaries.
  2. Holistic Development of the community : The company does not only focus on one area, but activities are planned to ensure the all-round development of the beneficiaries.
  3. Monitoring : This is an essential component of our CSR work. The future strategies are also guided by the impact of our previous efforts. The impact is measured in terms of the total outreach, output and outcome through a particular activity.

A dedicated team has been deployed for planning and implementing the CSR activities. The team is easily accessible to the community and on a frequent basis they visit the villages around the plant and the mines. Furthermore the CSR work is a continuous process and not just a one-time standalone activity. The company excels in its approach towards CSR which is based on the partnership model. The needs and focus areas of work are identified by the CSR team, who then initiate a dialogue with the community and brings everyone on a common platform.

Team CSR

Mesco Steel has constituted a CSR team, and the key members of the team are :-

  1. Mr. D.P.Nanda, DGM (Admin & IR)
  2. Mr. Asit Ray, AGM-Laisioning
  3. Ms. Savita Sethi AGM- CSR
  4. Mr.Sambed Rout, AGM (P&A)
  5. Mr. Pramod Behra, Dy. Manager, P&A (Jajpur Plant)
  6. Mrs. Priyanka Mishra, Officer (CSR)
  7. Mr. Jogendra Pradhan, Staff Assistant

The CSR team is actively working under the able guidance of the CSR committee of the Board of MISL.

Thematic Areas

The identified thematic areas which are being addressed under the CSR are as follows

  1. Health Care
  2. Primary Education
  3. Drinking Water and Sanitation
  4. Sports and Culture
  5. Women and Social Empowerment
  6. Infrastructure

Geographical Area

  1. Odisha- Districts Jajpur and Keonjhar
  2. Uttar Pradesh- District Hapur

The projects for the community in the adjoining areas at Steel Plant in Jajpur are finalized in consultation with the District Collectors and in adherence to the guidelines laid down by RPDAC (Rehabilitation and Periphery Development Advisory Committee). The committee is headed by concerned RDC and District level officers and public representatives are the members. The activities are mostly planned in the area of Health, Education, Plantation and Infrastructure Development.

While for the community in the adjoining area of the Mines in Barbil, the projects are strategized in consultation with the community, Government and local authorities.

Guiding Principles and Monitoring Process for CSR Activities

  • The short list of listed activities is prepared by the company’s CSR committee and the considerations are; the priority needs of the community, projects recommended by the Government bodies & community leaders, and its alignment with the company’s vision and mission.
  • The selected projects and the correspondingly allocated budgets under the CSR-Head are executed only after they are duly approved by the higher management.
  • During the course of implementation of the approved projects, any activities or initiatives that are urgent and important, are also taken up. However, a systematic procedure is followed by obtaining approval from Unit Head, following which the execution takes place.

The CSR team closely monitors the implementation of the projects for ensuring its quality and timely completion. The compiled progress report on the CSR activities for every quarter is put up to the CSR committee of the Board at their meetings. The committee after proper analysis of the reports gives their opinion / suggestions, etc. to the CSR team.


The following activities were planned for each of the above-mentioned thematic areas.

  • Health - To facilitate the people who are unable to access healthcare for various reasons and to promote health seeking behavior, we organize a mobile health unit/camp in 6 villages on weekly basis in Districts Jajpur and Keonjhar.

    Besides this a dispensary is functional in Kasia (Barbil) with a fulltime doctor and paramedical staff, which is attended by 25-30 patients daily from nearby villages.

    A fully equipped ambulance service is available for the community in emergencies and for use when they are referred to secondary or tertiary level health centres.

  • Education - To meet the shortfall in number of teachers deployed at some of the identified Government school in Jajpur and Keonjhar, Mesco has been extending financial assistance to the School Management Committees (SMCs) in 09 Government schools for engaging private school teachers. Tutors have also been engaged to render remedial education to children of 02 upper primary schools. From time to time, we have also been providing the stationery items to the schools and bright students were also awarded one time scholarship for excelling in studies.

    Mesco has also made provision for a bus to ferry children to schools which are distant from their houses. Nearly 240 such children are benefitted from this service. These have been ongoing activities which have benefitted the children but from this year 2015 we intend to work in a focused manner so that all the Government schools in the Gram Panchayat, adjoining the mines area are covered.

    Mesco’s initiative, Scale Up School (SUS) programme is undertaken to support the government schools in creating an enabling environment, for teaching and learning, both for students and teachers. Since the absence of adequate infrastructure can significantly hamper the effectiveness of learning; through this CSR programme, Mesco attempts to fill the gap, by upgrading infrastructure for the school. This might also help in increasing the enrolment and attendance of students, especially girls. In the area adjoining to Mines operated by Mesco in Barbil, there are 9 Government run (primary, upper primary and secondary) schools. As a part of this programme, the CSR team in discussion with the School Management Committee (SMC) would identify the requirements of the school and decide on the aspects that need to be strengthened to upgrade the school. Primary School in Village Tanto was the first school taken up under the SUS programme and the essentials required for bringing the school to a certain level were finalized in consultation with SMC, and necessary action was taken. This included minor repairs and painting of the whole school and providing other items/services of necessity. Likewise in a span of the next few years Mesco wishes to reach out other 9 school and upgrade the facilities and make provision for basic requisites.

  • Drinking Water and Sanitation- Drinking water has been made accessible to several villages either through mobile tankers or by digging hand pumps, also by fitting new bore wells with submersible pumps. Overhead tanks were also constructed and wherever feasible water supply has been made accessible through pipe line.

  • Women’s Empowerment/Livelihood programme - Mesco has been running a stitching centre in Village Serenda which is attended by women/girls from nearby 2-3 villages. But there were still some women and young girls of a distant village who were not allowed to travel the distance to learn a skill but they were keen to do something which later can be a source of income. To meet this need, in this year 2015 Mesco has started a Stitching entre in the village itself to make it accessible to the women and training is being imparted. It would not be inappropriate to say that we took the skill to their doorstep for them to learn and hone their skills for their benefit.

  • Sports and Culture - Outstanding students are being rewarded for excelling in sports. At regular intervals, the company sponsors tournaments like Football, Cricket, Volleyball etc.

  • Infrastructure development has also been one of the key areas under CSR, in which boundary walls of schools, youth clubs, bus sheds for children etc were constructed. Recently we have constructed 2 rest sheds in Village Tanto and financial assistance has been extended towards repair of road from Bhadrasahi to Bileipada.


As an effort towards community service, Mesco group also runs an NGO called Krishna Ashram that gives refuge to hundred of stray Dogs and other animals.


Mideast Integrated Steel Ltd. (MISL) was incorporated in 1992 with assets in coastal Odisha in eastern India. It secured the Roida iron ore mining lease in the prime iron ore belt of Odisha in1996.

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